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    Kristin Spodobalski
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  • Target Employer Size
    Large (1000-4999), Enterprise (5000+)
  • Company Funding Level
    Series A
  • Firms That Have Invested
    Hearst, Polaris Partners, DN Capital, Sweet Capital, Jeff Weiner, Jonathan Bush, HBS Angels
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Competition Breakdown
  • Main Competitors
    Bright Horizons, Care.com, Cariloop, Torchlight
  • Company Competitive Advantage
    We feel strongly that Wellthy is best-in-class in the caregiving space. Our team is mission-driven and we are female-founded. Our service is designed to be highly scalable and flexible to best meet the needs of families, employer clients, and our Care Coordinators. Moreover, our technology platform and technical talent are more advanced and sophisticated than our competition. In short, we are seen as the first-mover, current market leader, and have the largest and biggest brand name clients. Our NPS score of 85 is second-to-none and we have a 100% renewal rate with all of our employer partners. Differentiators: -Service: Carefully matched dedicated Care Coordinator for each family (all Care Coordinators are W2 Wellthy employees) -Service Design: Customized care management based on the families situation, needs, and goals -Scope: Condition-agnostic, comprehensive family care -Receive Commissions/Service Referrals: Never -Technology: Propriety project management software, HIPAA compliant, bank-level encryption -Mission-Driven: Yes. We've built the business we need and want for our own families
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