About the Company
Company Details
  • Website
  • Primary Contact Name
    Matt Resteghini
Solution Details
  • Target Employer Size
    Mid-market (100 to 999), Large (1000-4999), Enterprise (5000+)
  • Company Funding Level
    Series B Publicly traded (ASX:BRC) recently recapitalized
  • Firms That Have Invested
    Och Ziff led our latest round
  • Planning On Seeking Funding?
  • What Size is the Company?
Competition Breakdown
  • Main Competitors
    We compete for funding with MeQuilibrium, Happify, and Whil even though we do not compete offering-wise, since their offerings comprise only segmented, point-solutions.
  • Company Competitive Advantage
    Powered by the world largest, standardized neuroscientific database, and the most comprehensive, clinically validated digital assessment of mental health and wellness, our offering allows for a holistic approach to measuring, screening, training and improving the way users show up for the moments that matter in their lives.
Cost Model
  • Pricing Structure
    Subscription--either PEPM of PUPM--with performance gurantees.
  • Initial Fees
    Typical set-up fees range from $2500-$5000 which includes customized URL or landing page, population engagement design and deployment, EAP linkage, and proper instance allocation. SSO and other deeper API integrations are available at an additional cost.
  • Are There Ongoing Fees?
    Ongoing fees are based on the size of the population ranging from $1.50 PEPM down to $.60 PEPM.
  • Average Annual Contract Value
    ~$19,000 pa
  • Broker Compensation Available
    Broker compensation is available either via a Master Agreement with the brokerage house or on an ad hoc basis.
Distribution Model
  • Brokers (B2B)
    We currently sell through brokers like Willis Towers Watson, Alliant, OneDigital, Mercer, and Aon. Some participate in a revenue share and others simply recommend us as part of their consultation agreement with clients.
  • Employers (B2B)
    We target employers 5000 employees and above. We are currently developing an SMB portal to allow for participation from smaller employers.
  • Individuals (B2C)
    We currently do not sell B2C.
  • Other
Technology Details
  • Platform
    We are a cloud based software as a service (SaaS) platform with our instances housed primarily with Amazon Web Service (AWS).
  • Mobile Capability
    Our mobile experience is fully compatible and integrated with our web versions via our mobile app.
  • SSO Capability
    We have the ability to SSO into employer platforms, vendor ecosystems, and aggregators.
  • Security / HIPAA Information
    We are HIPAA compliant when/ if personal health data were to be gathered. We are reliant on our internal security protocols and those of AWS to manage data security and privacy.
  • Scalability
    Our system is fully scalable to 7M users and beyond.
  • Data Source(s) for Claims
Team Construct
  • Number of Employees
  • Employee Growth Over Last Year
    98% growth
  • Employee Growth Projections Next Year
  • Employee Turnover Since Launch
Quantitative Assessment
  • Ease of Implementation
    2-4 week implementation depending on the complexity of contract.
  • Customer Service Description & SLAs
    See Contract
  • Employee Experience
    Register > notifications enabled> take assessment > dashboard results and insights > EAP referral for conditions> Customized development pathway-- Journey--recommended > Content, restorative practices and mind-body exercise menu available> re-assess monthly for revised journeys Quarterly/annual reporting and insights--engagement, capacity trends, population disorder analytics, EAP conversion, training impact and ROI calculated for the period--best practice recommendations
  • Projected Growth (1 yr, 3-5 yrs)
    20%-50% growth anticipated year over year.
  • Growth Since Launch (or in last year)
    66% revenue growth in 2018
  • History/Heritage
    Louis Gagnon CEO / Managing Director -Louis has 25 years of experience as a high-growth global digital businesses leader, most notably at Amazon's subsidiary Audible where he served as Chief Product and Marketing Officer. He also was recently appointed Advisor to TPG Capital following a short CEO assignment to turn around portfolio company Ride.com. Other past notable roles include Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Yodle and Senior VP of Global Products at Monster Worldwide. Other passion: meditation.
  • Experience w/ Startups
    Although Total Brain is not a start-up, our leadership team has proven track record of building and developing shareholder value in a broad range of businesses. From building Monster.com into a world-wide behemoth, to turning Audible into a $100M enterprise, to doubling Yodle's customer base in 2 years, the team is talented and deeply experienced.
  • Experience with VC/PE Funding
    All of our leadership team have VC/PE experience themselves. They each have raised money in the VC/PE world, as well, and have deep connections there.
  • Outcomes from Former Companies
    From building Monster.com into a world-wide behemoth, to turning Audible into a $100M enterprise, to doubling Yodle's customer base in 2 years, the team is talented and deeply experienced.
Financial Details
  • Money Raised and Raise Format
    Most recent $10M recapitalization round was raised from existing investors and PE firms led by Och Ziff.
  • Number of Current Clients
  • Markets Served
    US employers, and English speaking countries internationally.
  • Years in Service
  • Sales to Date (or since launch)
    Approximately $25M since inception
  • Sales in Last Year
  • Information About Pipeline (12-24 months)
    Strong pipeline 20%-40% growth anticipated year over year.
  • Client Lost in Last Year (and why)
    3 clients lost due to lack of internal cooperation on employee engagement.
Competitive Analysis
  • Competitor Description
    MeQuilibrium, Happify, Whil, etc.
  • Is this a Public of Private Company?
  • Does the Firm Have Diversity Designations?
  • Does the Organization have a Diversity Inclusion Policy
Wellness and Wellbeing Domain
  • Activity Monitoring
    Planned for the Future
  • Weight Loss
    Not Applicable
  • Stress/Resilience (EAP)
    Core Competency
  • Financial Wellness
    Not Applicable
  • Nutrition/Eating Healthy
    Not Applicable
  • Smoking Cessation
    Secondary Competency
  • Incentive / Gamification
    Core Competency
Disease / Chronic Care Management
  • Diabetes
    Not Applicable
  • Asthma
    Not Applicable
  • COPD
    Not Applicable
  • CHF
    Not Applicable
  • Cardiac
    Not Applicable
  • Obesity
    Not Applicable
Care Delivery Models
  • Telemedicine
    Planned for the Future
  • Destination Medicine / Medical Tourism
    Not Applicable
  • Direct Primary Care
    Not Applicable
  • On Site Care
    Not Applicable
Pharmacy (PBM)
  • Discount Rx
    Not Applicable
  • Specialty Medication
    Not Applicable
  • Medical Adherence
    Not Applicable
  • Concierge Models
    Not Applicable
  • Second Opinion Services
    Not Applicable
  • Admin Assistance (EOBs, bills)
    Not Applicable
Decision Support
  • Cost Transparency
    Not Applicable
  • Plan Selection
    Not Applicable
  • Cost Calculator
    Not Applicable
  • Find a Doctor
    Secondary Competency
Health Risk Assessment, Lab / Biometric Screening
  • Paper Health Risk Assessment
    Not Applicable
  • Online Health Risk Assessment
    Core Competency
  • Labs/Biometric Screening (mail in)
    Not Applicable
  • Labs/Biometric Screening (off site)
    Not Applicable
  • Labs/Biometric Screening (on site)
    Not Applicable
Financial Accounts (HSA/FSA/HRA)
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
    Not Applicable
  • Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)
    Not Applicable
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
    Not Applicable
  • Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP)
    Not Applicable
  • Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSE-HRA)
    Not Applicable
  • Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA)
    Not Applicable
  • Qualified Transit Account (QTA) Commuter Benefits
    Not Applicable
  • Premium Reimbursement Arrangement (PRA)
    Not Applicable
    Planned for the Future
Perks / Employee Services
  • Perks / Employee Services
    Core Competency
Data Analytics (includes Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)
  • Data Analytics (includes Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)
    Core Competency
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  • The 20-minute, confidential, clinically validated assessment measures each of the brain’s twelve capacities that define mental health, covering the areas of emotion, feeling, cognition and self-control. - Compare your brain capacities to others of the same age and gender - Reassess regularly to track training impact and monitor your brain capacities • Screen for risk of common mental conditions confidentially and stigma free in a brain performance context - Screened conditions include: depression, anxiety, addiction, ADHD, PTSD, social anxiety and sleep apnea - This is not a diagnostic tool, but a screening mechanism with 70-80% accuracy which can make confidential, in-app referrals to health professionals. This early flagging and immediate referral helps to reduce the cost of future medical claims by proactively addressing potential problems Personalized brain and mind training, featuring exercises and content to help you consolidate strengths and master weaknesses - Training recommendations are personalized based on your assessment results Total Brain is powered by the world’s largest standardized neuroscientific database - Over 700,000 users - 1M data sets including 54 EEFs, 54 EEGs, 542 MRIs, 2KGWAS - Database generated over 300 brain research publications - Over 40 brain and mind trainings have been executed 16M times with published impact of trainings on specific performance drivers
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