About the Company
Company Details
  • Website
  • Primary Contact Name
    Al Lewis
Solution Details
  • Target Employer Size
    Mid-market (100 to 999), Large (1000-4999), Enterprise (5000+)
  • Company Funding Level
  • Firms That Have Invested
  • Planning On Seeking Funding?
  • What Size is the Company?
Competition Breakdown
  • Main Competitors
    United Health Care
  • Company Competitive Advantage
    Depth of Material, up-to-date and correct information, employee engagement, employee knowledge retention, ease of customization by customers, user usage data, no private health information collected, Harvard Medical School review and "shield", engagement guarantee, savings guarantee validated by the Validation Institute, EEOC indemnification
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Cost Model
  • Pricing Structure
    Subscription, PEPM, per-participant and one-time all available
  • Initial Fees
    Usually none but 4-12 months prepaid
  • Are There Ongoing Fees?
    Depends on size of customer and length of contract
  • Average Annual Contract Value
    1000 employees, no spouses, 2-year contract, annual upfront payments would be $12,000
  • Broker Compensation Available
Distribution Model
  • Brokers (B2B)
  • Employers (B2B)
  • Other
    Carriers and platforms (like Alight)
Technology Details
  • Platform
    We can do single sign on with any platform or go direct
  • Mobile Capability
  • SSO Capability
  • Security / HIPAA Information
    No PHI is collected or stored!
  • Scalability
    largest account (New York City) is 300,000 employees.
  • Data Source(s) for Claims
Team Construct
  • Number of Employees
  • Employee Growth Over Last Year
    -1 (position eliminated due to far greater efficiencies in our offering, even as sales doubled)
  • Employee Growth Projections Next Year
    will depend on revenue growth.
  • Employee Turnover Since Launch
    1 since launch (excluding 1 employee in probationary period who was never hired full-time), one position eliminated, no one ever fired. Employee who quit left on great terms and went to live in Korea.
Quantitative Assessment
  • Ease of Implementation
    Easy. We prefer one month. Record is 5 days. (Contact us if your discretionary wellness communications dollars provided by carrier are about to expire and you need a great program fast.)
  • Customer Service Description & SLAs
    Very fast turnarounds promised and achieved.
  • Employee Experience
    Most accounts are reference sites and you can look at www.quizzify.com/reviews for named testimonials and survey results.
  • Projected Growth (1 yr, 3-5 yrs)
    We have been doubling every year since inception and are on track to double again in 2020.
  • Growth Since Launch (or in last year)
    Beginning of 2018 we had 20,000 employee users. As of 1/1/20 we will have 450,000
  • History/Heritage
  • Experience w/ Startups
    Founding board member and investor in Matrix Medical, sold to Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe for undisclosed sum. Currently valued (using publicly available documents) at close to $1-billion.
  • Experience with VC/PE Funding
    See above
  • Outcomes from Former Companies
    See above--sold to Welsh Carson.
Financial Details
  • Money Raised and Raise Format
    $1-million (equity, convertible debt)
  • Number of Current Clients
  • Years in Service
  • Sales to Date (or since launch)
    < $1,000,000
  • Sales in Last Year
    Currently at $500,000 run rate
  • Information About Pipeline (12-24 months)
    Expect doubling in 2020, as we have in past years.
  • Client Lost in Last Year (and why)
    We have never lost an account with more than 1000 employees. We have lost smaller accounts (not in 2019!) before our product was mature. In most cases, this was due to unforced error, to tell the truth.
Competitive Analysis
  • Competitor Description
    United Health Care. They have a "health literacy" offering. We would encourage UHC customers to look at theirs side-by-side with ours. We would even suggest letting them see our demo and us seeing theirs, all in the same meeting.
  • Market Landscape
    Employees are overwhelmed by insurance, surprise bills, and the number and complexity of benefits offerings. Besides teaching them health and healthcare literacy, we teach benefits literacy as well.
  • Is this a Public of Private Company?
  • Does the Firm Have Diversity Designations?
    One of our partners holds a minority disabled veteran-owned designation. Prospects would be directed to them to access Quizzify.
  • Does the Organization have a Diversity Inclusion Policy
Wellness and Wellbeing Domain
  • Financial Wellness
    Core Competency
  • Incentive / Gamification
    Core Competency
Disease / Chronic Care Management
  • Diabetes
    Core Competency
  • Cardiac
    Core Competency
Health Risk Assessment, Lab / Biometric Screening
  • Online Health Risk Assessment
    Secondary Competency
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  • We also offer financial literacy quizzes and customizable benefits literacy quizzes. In addition, we have a unique solution to prevent surprise billing for emergencies.
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