About the Company
Company Details
  • Website
  • Primary Contact Name
    Patrick Fields
Solution Details
  • Target Employer Size
    Mid-market (100 to 999), Large (1000-4999), Enterprise (5000+)
  • Company Funding Level
    VC and Angel ($2.5M+)
  • Firms That Have Invested
    Serra Ventures, KC Rise Fund, Quicken Loans Family of Companies
  • Planning on Seeking Funding?
  • What Size is the Company?
Competition Breakdown
  • Main Competitors
    Beekeeper, Social Chorus, Dynamic Signal, Legacy Intranets
  • Company Competitive Advantage
    We work behind the scenes to integrate the entire suite of HR Technology solutions to drive increased reach, measurable outcomes and real-time analytics. Our solution provides value for HR teams with Benefits communication and all other Internal communication needs. backstitch leverages a multi-channel approach supported by an employer-branded native mobile app. Robust integrations with current tools like Intranet, Outlook, HRIS, Ben Admin and other platforms. Our customer success partnership approach offers dedicated customer content specialists to assist HR and Broker teams with content creation and best practices for Broker teams that their Account teams can manage through backstitch. Clients are assigned a dual support Customer Success Manager and Customer Content Specialist to drive implementation success.
Company Specific Competencies
  • Applicant Tracking
    Not Applicable
  • Recruiting
    Not Applicable
  • Onboarding
    Not Applicable
  • Talent Management
    Not Applicable
  • Performance Management
    Not Applicable
  • Benefits Adminstration
    Not Applicable
  • Payroll
    Not Applicable
  • Time and Attendence
    Not Applicable
  • Learning and Development
    Not Applicable
  • FMLA
    Not Applicable
    Not Applicable
  • Do you provide other services which were not captured above? If yes, please provide a short explanation.
    Employee Communications & Engagement
Cost Model
  • Pricing Structure
    Annual PEPM subscription (Studio + Reader) with add-on TRS module.
  • Initial Fees
    Scoped based on employer needs
  • Are There Ongoing Fees?
    Content creation and extended support available for ongoing fees
  • Sample Contract Terms
    12, 24 and 36 month terms available
Distribution Model
  • Brokers (B2B)
    Yes, through established broker partnerships, backstitch is broker agnostic (Partnerships include: Lockton, CBIZ and others)
  • Employers (B2B)
  • Individuals (B2C)
  • Other
Technology Details
  • Platform
    3 products: Studio, Reader, TRS
  • Mobile Capability
    Yes, native iphone and Android mobile app fully white-labeled with company logo, templates and fonts
  • SSO Capability
    Yes, as long as employer provides authentication support for their 3rd party solutions (Okta, etc.) backstitch can provide SSO support
  • Security / HIPAA Information
    Yes on data security, willing to respond to questions as needed. HIPAA, follow security and compliance protocol and best practices. Our platform does not house any claims data.
Team Construct
  • Number of Employees
  • Employee Growth Projections Next Year
    Adding 5-10 additional in Customer Success, Development and Sales over next 12 months
Quantitative Assessment
  • Ease of Implementation
    Customer success goal and average is 45 days
  • Customer Service Description & SLAs
    Dedicated Customer Success Manager, Customer Content Specialist and custom implementation plan per client
  • History/Heritage
    Founded in 2012 by former HR Technology software engineers (ACA Compliance and Payroll software solutions). Grew and developed product organically through detailed client scoping and benefits related feature requests.
  • Experience w/ Startups
  • Experience with VC/PE Funding
  • Outcomes from Former Companies
Financial Details
  • Money Raised and Raise Format
  • Number of Current Clients
  • Markets Served
    Healthcare, Manufacturing, Food Production, Quick Serve Restaurant, Education, Energy, Construction
  • Years in Service
Competitive Analysis
  • Competitor Description
    Beekeeper, Social Chorus, Dynamic Signal
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