About BenefitPitch

Dave Kerrigan - Creator of BenefitPitch

BenefitPitch was created to help fill a gap in the market, namely the challenge of connecting impactful companies with the benefits teams who are looking for them. Former licensed insurance broker Dave Kerrigan saw the need when he worked on the benefits consulting side of the house. He saw the need working as a mentor and advisor to startups as well. Therefore he decided to create a  marketplace where vendors and benefit professionals can connect. What a beautiful idea! Now we need you. BenefitPitch works best when these two communities (vendors and benefit professionals) come together.


As a vendor selling into the employee benefits and HR space, it’s a challenge to get noticed. It’s even harder if you’re an early stage vendor. BenefitPitch is designed to help you get noticed. By providing key information valuable to decision makers and influencers, you increase your ability to get noticed. Oh, and there’s podcasts, events, and other things designed to help you amplify your company. Did we mention its currently free to create an account? What are you waiting for? Create your profile today!  

Beginning in 2021, cost will be $49.99 per month or an annual fee of $499.00 if you pay for the year.


Insurance, compliance, analytics, communications – yeah, there’s a lot on your plate. Oh, but you forgot something – knowing everything there is to know about every vendor out there. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. BenefitPitch is a searchable database full of detailed information on vendors you know, and most likely vendors you don’t know. Got a vendor you know and love?  Why not tell them about BenefitPitch and encourage them to create a profile! Then you’ll have all of your favorite vendors’ information in one spot. Yeah, it’s that easy. Want to learn more? Have your benefits leadership contact us to learn how to access a free license for your firm. Interested in your own version of BenefitPitch?  Ask about the buy up option!

Disclosure: In his role as Founder and Managing Director of Sante Nasc, LLC, Dave Kerrigan may perform work as a paid consultant and/or advisor for vendors which appear on the BenefitPitch site and may have received small equity interests in certain vendors as an advisor.  Any consulting or advisory relationship between Sante Nasc and/or Dave Kerrigan and a vendor who appears on BenefitPitch will in no way affect how such vendor is displayed, promoted, or accessed on BenefitPitch.  Every vendor which creates a BenefitPitch profile is treated in the same manner and has the same opportunity to be accessed by and promoted to users of the BenefitPitch application.